Thursday, July 07, 2005

Counter-Spin on the London Bombings

The right-wing started spinning lies from the beginning.

In case you were wondering what the Left is actually saying about the bombings, consider this statement posted today by the Socialist Worker Online:
Socialist Worker statement following London bombings

Our thoughts are with all those killed and wounded in this morning’s terrible attacks in London.

London is a centre of peace, the most multiracial city in Europe and a global centre of opposition to the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. A majority of those killed and wounded will have opposed the war in Iraq; some will have joined the huge marches for peace.

These bombings followed the biggest ever protest in Scotland’s history against world poverty. The anti-war message was everywhere on that magnificent march.

These bombings target ordinary people travelling by bus and underground to work and study; people who oppose Tony Blair’s support for George Bush and their occupation of Iraq. They are in no way a blow against imperialism or the G8 leaders, who are ensconced in a luxury hotel 450 miles north of London.

The British government cannot avoid its responsibility for these terrible attacks, which are a consequence of its support for war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best way to ensure that there are no more such terrible attacks is for British troops to be withdrawn from there immediately.

As a mark of respect for the dead we have cancelled the opening day of our Marxism 2005 event. We call on the international anti-war movement and the global left to rally round the people of London and, in the face of these terrible attacks, to redouble their work for global peace and justice.

Chris Bambery, editor Socialist Worker
Martin Smith, National Organiser, Socialist Workers Party
In fact, my own survey of dozens of Leftist blogs showed nothing but sympathy for the victims and outrage at the perpetrators. Shame on the Right for trying to use even this tragic event for political advantage, and God bless and protect the protestors in Edinburgh, Scotland against potential retributive police violence.

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