Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Containment of Hell

This post comes from The Dark Wraith:

Unfortunately it [...] happened in New Orleans: people were being kept from escaping; and the problems associated with mass movements of refugees were being abated by keeping the citizens of the wrecked city from becoming refugees.

In other words, the National Guard was actually blocking the routes into the city with checkpoints.

You know: "checkpoints" as in the ones at the old Berlin Wall; "checkpoints" as in Falluja before the Coalition attack; "checkpoints" as in the ones between Palestinian places and Israeli places; "checkpoints" as in take your pick of a thousand places where Hell is kept on the other side of machine guns and soldiers with orders to shoot.

As some of you who will read this are aware, I make no apologies for the speculations, analyses, and theories I set forth; and that will be the case for the present matter as I give you this warning:

Beware of what you are seeing in New Orleans; this is the first modern, domestic implementation of a strategy you might very well see again and again as crises come to other American cities in the months and years ahead.

The Dark Wraith welcomes you to the 21st Century.

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