Sunday, January 22, 2006

Socialist MP3s

I just stumbled across an interesting site with free downloads of socialist songs (MP3 files) and thought I'd share.

The site is called "Songs of Irish Labour" maintained by Helena Sheehan, a comrade who is a university professor at Dublin City University. Helena covers a wide range of socialist songs and tells her personal story of struggle as a socialist living through the past couple of decades.

Dr. Sheehan also maintains a page specifically about the song "The Red Flag" which can be found here. The Red Flag was written by labor activist Jim Connell 1889 and is a lovely and inspiring song.

What else? She has a bunch of links to other labor song sites, including the following:
  • The Internationale: sound clip
  • Sheffield Socialist Choir (3 sound clips)
  • Union Songs
  • Union Sites
  • Other Music Sites
  • Billy Bragg
  • Tommy Sands
  • Pete Seeger Phil Ochs Labi Siffre
  • Bob Marley Alistair Hulett
  • FoFMbM On The Web
  • Industrial Worker -- Music/Song Songs of the IWW
  • Liberator: The Songbook
  • DSA Songs
  • Ripe for Revolution
  • Folk Music Home Page
  • Artists
  • Mudcat Cafe / Digital Traditions Folksong Database
So, check it out!

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