Monday, October 16, 2006

Mexico PRD Resistance Continues

AMLO on the move:
Mexico, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) Leaders of Mexico s PRD (Revolucion Democratica Party) asserted Thursday that the civilian resistance continues united behind opposition leader AMLO (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) as legitimate president of Mexico.

Denying the "insidious" rumors that a faction has withdrawn support, PRD spokesman Gerardo Fernandez Noroña said on the contrary, they are firm that AMLO will be declared president on November 20 and that they will try to block the named elect, Felipe Calderon, from swearing-in before Congress on December 1.

He repeated that all of the PRD groups are in consensus with the agreements of September´s National Democratic Convention and that Obrador is the most important leader of the left.

The PRD spokesman also rejected Calderon s recent initiatives and long-term program for development because, "for PRD he will always be a usurper and we will continue actions to combat him with determination."
Mexico, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) Mexican opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador termed important the peaceful resistance stated last July in Mexico to stop economic and social inequalities.

Lopez Obrador said in Tabasco, as part of a national tour, that the mobilization will continue as part of a fair and vital movement otherwise Mexicans will stay without a defense.

He noted the disparity in per capita distribution of incomes as 90 percent earn less than the minimum and 100 people get fortunes and concentrate national wealth.

He added that misery affects namely the indigenous population marginalized at swamps and mountains and very few know to read and write.

Lopez Obrador finally promised to devote his life to fight for those who have least.
So, many on the right have said (see the Huffington Post) that AMLO is a corrupt liar. If so, what can he possibly gain by taking this route and appealing to the poorest and most politically outcast groups of people in Mexico? Certainly a truely corrupt individual would know better where to get his bread well buttered...

Calderon is a PRI flunky. Yes is supposedly a PAN candidate. But the institutionalize Party of the Institutionalized "Revolution" just simply changed flags and slogans to throw in with the right-wing neo-liberal PAN in a bid to cling to power. Most of these charaters have been in power in Mexico City for decades first as PRI then as PAN. The only difference is that PAN has made them more socially conservative so as to appeal more to the theocratic US government.

AMLO would have brought change and new faces to the federal government. That is why he HAD to loose. The entrenched interests and long and deep ties within the 3rd estate of Mexico linked to the capitalist ruling class was severely threatened, at least in the short term, by such a power shift. Many individuals would have been affected and a lot of corruption would have been uncovered, ruining lives and causing general disruption. Ah, democracy, a nice idea but really such a bother afterall.

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