Monday, November 13, 2006

Oaxaca Teachers Strike

Oaxaca Teacher Strike Police Repression
Some have asked me why I am socialist. I will continue to use this blog to present not only why I am a socialist but why it is in the best interest of humanity that we ALL become socialist.

Case in point, the teachers strike of Oaxaca.

Socialist press (Presa Latina) coverage:
Oaxaca Teachers Keep up Fight

The teachers in Oaxaca voiced support for local popular resistance to keep barricades up and refuse to talk with the government after the occupation.

Enrique Rueda Pacheco, Teachers Union secretary, said 80 percent of the state s schools were open amid tense calm, except Oaxaca and the periphery.

The Teachers from the union s Section 22 will get Friday their wage of two weeks plus another two for the first time in five months, following government fulfillment of agreements to restore normalcy.
Over in cartoonland, the capitalist press coverage (New York Times):
Oaxaca Youth Attack McDonald's

OAXACA, Mexico, Nov. 12 (AP) — Four youths wearing masks tossed gasoline bombs at a McDonald’s restaurant in the conflict-torn city of Oaxaca on Sunday, the police said.

The restaurant is near the university where leftist protesters set up their headquarters last month after the police drove them out of the city’s main plaza. They had occupied the plaza for five months in an effort to force the resignation of the Oaxaca governor.
Reminds me of the Phil Ochs song "Love Me I'm a Liberal" - a lesson in safe logic - the Times is a tool of capital and should never be confused as being anything but.

Although many mainstream media are saying the strike is over, the reports from alternative media say that the rank and file have rejected the truce.

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