Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Charles Barkley an Atheist?

Last night the San Antonio Spurs hosted the Denver Nuggets on their home court in the creatively named AT&T Center. Tim Duncan's mighty Spurs utterly and satisfyingly destroyed the Nuggets in a preview of the playoff potential of the winninest franchise in all major league sports.

More relevantly, was a comment by the announcer "Sir" Charles Barkley. During a clip of two players (in another game that night) fighting an announcer stated that one of the combatants was supposed to be a "good Christian boy."

Barkley then stated that didn't matter because Christianity and religion have killed more people than all the diseases in the history of the world.

Hyperbole perhaps, but nevertheless containing the essential truth that Christian's are not historically any less violent than their heathen brothers and sisters.

The shocking thing is that thus far there has been no right-wing uproar from the likes of Bill O'Reilly. Hopefully our religious leaders will not call for Sir Charles' execution (a la Hugo Chavez) in retribution for his blasphemy.

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