Saturday, October 13, 2007

Come on People

At the beginning of this month, Rochester NY activist James Slater was allegedly murdered by two teens in his community seeking to relieve him of his iPod and other gadgets. The murder rate in poor communities in the United States is endemic. Bill Cosby and Harvard professor Dr. Alvin Poussaint have recently released a book titled "Come On People" which combines personal stories of people overcoming extreme challenges in their lives and a call to community action to change the systemic cycle which exploits and degrades the poor of America.

The link below is to a talk Cosby and Poussaint gave at, of all places, Borders in Boston. Although the forum is certainly hack-ish, the topic and what they have to say is not. I encourage you to view the video. Also note the host's continued insistence on people taking personal responsibility and not getting the case the authors are making for collective responsibility.

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