Saturday, December 15, 2007

Striking MTV workers workers win partial victory

It is great news that the striking workers were able to force some concessions from the bosses. It is encouraging to see that workers' consciousness is being raised as well. The risk of the partial victory is that many workers will likely feel like they pushed the bosses and got lucky that they "let them stay on the insurance" - which is likely what management wants. Workers conscious of the fact that it is their right to be treated fairly in the workplace is far more dangerous for the bosses, and the longer the strike lasts, the more people will wake up to this fact.
MTV Networks on Wednesday reversed some of the cuts it had intended to make to benefits packages.

Workers said they would continue to challenge the remaining proposed changes, and nearly 100 of them protested for a third day outside the headquarters in Times Square of Viacom, MTV’s parent, amid throngs of holiday tourists.

Stetler, Brian. MTV to Let Freelancers Stay on Its Insurance. New York Times. 13-Dec-2007.

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