Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nepal's Peoples War

The people are the real creators of history.

Take a Left brought to my attention that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), or CPN(M) may be on the verge of liberating that small mountain nation from the neo-fascist rule of King Gynendra Shahi.

A recent statement made to the BBC by the US ambassador, James Moriarty states "If the government and the parties do not find ways to reconcile... There is a very good chance that the Maoists could find a way to turn all of this to their advantage and ultimately end up marching in the Singh Durbar [the central government secretariat]."

On February 1, 2005 King Gynendra staged a coup, dismissing his cabinet, suspending the parliament, and putting the country under Marshall Law. Gynendra was put into power as king during a coup in 2001 in which eight of his own family members ended up murdered, allegedly sponsored by the United States and India. Indian expansionists has long wished to annex Nepal as it has with other neighbors, having annexed Sikkim in 1975, and they are in the process of doing so in Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Marshall Law in Nepal means that it is illegal to be on the streets, telecommunications are turned off, the airports are closed, students are oppressed and murdered, and political leaders are under house arrest. A recent incident in Katmandu had undercover agents raiding the political offices of the opposition, with no warrants, beating and threatening all inside and destroying equipment and files.

Following the coup, the workers of Nepal instituted a general strike (Nepal Bandha) from February 2nd through the 4th, sponsored in part by the CPN(M). The people of Nepal have been struggling for 10 years against feudal and autocratic monarchy that has oppressed the masses for over two centuries. The stated goal of the CPN(M) is to establish a just republican state.

The capitalist classes and their imperialist institutions prefer to role back history and support a reactionary monarch of the most anti-democratic sort, rather than see the red flag fly over Nepal. Looking at the facts on the ground, it seems obvious that the CPN(M) and their allies which shall spearhead the people of Nepal to a free and democratic future.


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