Saturday, May 14, 2005

Victory for Greek Comrades

Greek Anarchist comrades force the police to adhere to the law.

Indymedia Athens reports that Anarchists and their comrades have risen up to protect their rights, and have been met by violent force:
During a book presentation, policemen-bodyguards of PASOK's ex-ministers Verelis and Venizelos, were armed within the premises of the Athens Polytechnic School (NTUA) campus at downtown Athens. (This constitutes a violation of Academic Asylum laws, valid in Greece since the collapse of the military colonels' junta in 1974, mainly propelled by student uprising in November 1973 in the same campus.)

Anarchist and lefist comrades tried to make the policemen-bodyguards leave the campus and conflicted with them. The result was gunfires one of which injured one comrade, at the leg. He was transported to the Laiko Hospital.
After baring several people from leaving the University, the comrades were surrounded by over 150 riot police. However, after peaceful but tense negotiations, the government issued and apology and everyone was able to leave without further incident. A powerful portriat of the power of solidarity to effect a peaceful conclusion to a potentially explosive situation. Contrast the actions of the Greek government in this case, with those of the US government at the Branch Davidian compound in 1993. Although the story behind these events is different, the basic scenario is the same: the government has surrounded a "violent group" with massive force and holding the group under siege.[edited by author May 16, 2005]

Thank you to Sean for full story, posted at To The Barricades

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