Monday, May 30, 2005

Carnival of the UnCapitalists the Ninth

Hi folks! This slightly belated edition of The Carnival of the Un-Capitalists includes a plethora of excellent posts. We have 13 submissions this week, including posts from C-un-C stalwarts and also some newcomers. So without further delay, welcome to C-un-C the Ninth Edition!

First, Commie Curmudgeon reminds us to remember the victims of class war this Memorial Day. Specifically he highlights the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937, in which over 100 steel strikers where killed or injured by hired thugs.

Over at Struggle in the Land of Corn and Soybeans, Indy Doug dives into the tight relationship between big labor (AFL-CIO) and the political establishment and its role in furthering imperialism. The post is titled Labor Imperialism.

Impasto has an intriguing post titled feed your soul to the world. In the post, we are encouraged to take control of our own bodies and food by participating in organic farming, community supported agriculture (CSA) and urban farming. Impasto asks, "Why can't we all be farmers?" Indeed...

Mr. Plawiuk over at Le Revue Gauche highlights a tragic story taking place in Alberta, Canada, where a hunger-striking 86-year old woman died while protesting staff shortages in long-term care homes.

Ever wonder what happened to "the good old days" when you could get a usurous loan you were unable to pay back without a hassle? They're back! Who Hijacked Our Country uncovers the seedy practices of the rapidly growing payday loan shark racket that is quickly planting its black roots across the United States, thanks to lax government regulation.

The Dark Wraith Forums give us an analysis for this edition, exploring the seven principles of macro-economics.

C-un-C editor Charles Todd asks the question: "What happens when the IMF and the World Bank force instruct a country to give away sell off its public assets?" - visit Freiheit & Wissen for the answer.

Speaking of editors, C-un-C's other editor, Gretchen Ross of the Green Lantern, gives a review of the hilarious and timely Grocery Store Wars, an organic food industry parody of the Star Wars movies.

One of my favorite blogs, to the barricades, brings us timely coverage of the ongoing Gas War in Bolivia. The conflict has been raging since Monday of last week and shows no signs of abetting.

Kevin at Mutualist Blog gives an overview of the pathetic Newsweek debacle and the ongoing retreat of journalistic independence.

The very popular Lenin's Tomb gives us a thoughtful analysis of capitalism and the modern state.

Ashish's Niti (where I learned that niti is Sanskrit for "policy, strategy or vision") provides us with some new ideas in how to think about social security and the manufactured debate that Mr. Bush has been peddling.

And, finally, another of my favorite blogs, Agitprop, brings us this thought: "Fast food companies are constantly thinking of new ways to advertise their junk food. What better way to entice an audience but with sexy models eating sloppy burgers that drip sauce all over their scantily-clad bodies. Nothing turns me on more than the sight of Paris Hilton eating a Spicy BBQ Burger."

So, that does it for this week. As I stare out the window of the only place I could get Internet access while on vacation (Barnes & Noble cafe) I survey the concrete wasteland of suburban shopping mall "culture" and am reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of this excellent community of thinkers at the Carnival of the Uncapitalists.

I encourage all readers to look over the excellent posts for this week and reflect on the amount of work and energy that everyone is putting into communicating and spreading the truth that you won't hear in mass media.



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