Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When Fascists Attack

Fascist violence has been on the rise world-wide, with an outbreak of racists violence and murder spiking on September 11th in Bolivia. Hundreds of indigenous supporters of president Evo Morales, men, women and children, were beaten and whipped by racist gangs supported by the right-wing elites. In the worst attack, at least 30 campesinos were mowed down by machine gun fire while trapped on a bridge. Hundreds are still missing.

In other areas, fascists rioted in the streets, people were beaten and tortured, then forced to denounce Morales on their knees, dripping with blood, while they were recorded on video.

Bolivian fascist groups have been on the rise for several years, their level of violence increasing markedly in 2008.

What is the response from the Bush administration (with support from the US media)? To put Bolivia on the "narco-terrorist" list and call Evo Morales a "weak and desperate" leader. We can only expect more of the same from the war-monger McCain.

Say no to fascist racism! Say no to even tacit support of these thugs! Say yes to support of the rights of indigenous people, democracy and socialism!

From Green Left Weekly:
The violence was an attempt to impose by force what was lost at the ballot box.

Violently assaulting civilians, police officer and soldiers, occupying and burning public buildings, blowing up gas pipelines, and blockading roads were among the tactics of the pro-neoliberal forces of the opposition, which utlitised fascist shock troops of racist armed youth gangs, such as the Santa Cruz Youth Union (UJC).

The worst violence occurred on September 11, with the massacre in Pando of unarmed indigenous campesinos — including children and pregnant women — who were marching against the racist violence. It was carried out by paramilitaries created and controlled by Pando prefect Leopoldo Fernandez, since arrested over the atrocity.

At least 30 people were slaughtered, with more than 100 still missing.

Bolivia: Indigenous government defies US-backed fascists
From Worker's World:
Pando’s (Bolivia) prefect (governor) hired a gang of paramilitary criminals—some reports say from Brazil—who opened fire on a gathering of mostly Indigenous peasants on Sept. 11. As many as 30 people, all unarmed peasants, were killed near the capital city of Cobija. (BBC) This massacre was the most blatant crime in a series of attacks on buildings housing offices of the central government and popular organizations.

Facing fascist attack, Morales fights back
From the AP:
Gov. Leopoldo Fernandez of Pando province is being charged with genocide in what President Evo Morales calls an ambush of his supporters last week that left at least 15 dead and 37 injured.

Morales announced the arrest at a news conference Tuesday.

Bolivia governor arrested on genocide charges