Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rachel Corrie with Palestinian Children

I found this picture of Rachel Corrie which seems to be making the circuit of the right wing sites to show why they think she is a terrorist. Here we see her angrily burning a piece of paper which appears to be a hand-drawn flag. I don't understand why the righ wingers get so angry about this sort of thing (they say she is burning an American flag) while ignoring the fact that many of the children surrounding Rachel were likely killed by occupation forces since this picture was taken. What is more important - a bit of paper, or human lives lived with dignity and free of fear?

I make an appeal to all people to bring an end to war and injustice through solidarity and understanding. We must come together in the spirit of true internationalism and replace imperialism (including Zionist imperialism) with socialist principles of direct democracy, cooperation, understanding, anti-racism and anti-sexism.

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