Monday, June 26, 2006

Socialism 2006 Update

I'm planning on posting a report on the ISO's Socialism 2006 conference in NYC tomorrow. It was a great experience, especially the mass rallies. Over 1,500 people attended and it was a very positive and encouraging event. Comrades in attendance accurately represented the ethnic and gender diversity of America, which was in poignant contrast to some comments I heard on the street suggesting that "Socialists are white and privileged."

I learned a lot more about the tactics of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) as well, especially with regards to building a movement through recruitment, struggle and information dissemination. I finally got my ISO handbook as well!

I also met many new friends and comrades from all over the country and especially in Ithaca and Rochester.

For me, the highlight of the whole conference was singing the Internationale on the last day in an auditorium with over 1,000 people (caveat: the lyrics chosen by the ISO were quite a bit different than what I've seen and heard before).

I have many pictures but am waiting for them to be delivered since I borrowed a camera and I also spoke with a comrade who will be providing audio.

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