Wednesday, July 19, 2006

European Left: To Stop Israel, To Work For Peace

The EL issued this statement on the 14th:
The Party of the European Left expresses its firmest condemnation of the ongoing military attacks and the now started war by Israel on Lebanon.

Destroying civil infrastructures, killing innocent people and putting the whole Middle East region on the brick of war is by no way an acceptable reaction to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers - being only a pretext for the military aggression. This [action] clearly violates international law.

The EU having been [one-sided] during all these years to the Palestinian issue and with its silence only encouraging Israel [to go] ahead with its current policy, has now to take full responsibility for bringing about an immediate cease-fire and stopping the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and Gaza.

It is [high time] to change this attitude and to make a serious effort for a restart of the peace process. It is even more clear today: Europe and the EU can no longer ignore its political responsibility for guaranteeing peace to all people in the Middle East region.

Therefore the EL calls on the EU authorities and all European governments to act respectively in the scheduled meeting of the UN Security Council.

The European Parliament and all the political groups and parties have to take control over the next steps of the EU General Council and commission towards immediate ending the war and taking away the reasons for the permanent restarting of the spiral of violence in Palestine: Israel’s occupation and settlement policy [read Zionism kids! - RiR].

We, the European Left call on all democratic forces to mobilize in these days for peace and against war.

Tavira – Brussels, 14 July, 2006
Peace for all! An end to the bloodshed wrought by Zionism, a system that is aggresion by design!

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