Saturday, February 24, 2007

Paris Hilton, Trashed Again

I've often said in conversation that Paris Hilton is the perfect example of the idle rich - a societal parasite who contributes little while consuming much. It is unfortunate that the many people like her, the glitterati of the bourgeoisie, are idolized and emulated.

Hilton offers nothing of value to society and in fact has an extremely negative impact. Not only does she waste the labor of countless workers through her conspicuous consumption, but she presents an image of beauty and style that devalues and degrades women.

She epitomizes the acme of the capitalist commodification process - she is simultaneously the perfect consumer and the perfectly consumed. She signifies and personifies unreflective specticalist celebrity.

As is well known, Hilton is greeted with adulation by crowds of admirers, all desperate that somehow they are coming close to greatness and that some will reflect back onto them. In fact the very "thing" they wish to get from their fleeting contact with Hilton they gave to her in the first place - it is their collective labor, their energy which has imbued Hilton with the fetish power of the super commodity.

Appropriately enough, last Thursday (15-Feb-2007) Paris Hilton was treated to a different kind of attention than she is used to by a group of young comrades in Austria. The Associated Press (via MSNBC) reports:
Earlier Thursday, hundreds of shrieking, frenzied fans welcomed Hilton as she made an appearance at a Vienna mall to sign autographs.

“Hello everybody, it’s so good to see you,” the 25-year-old cooed as the crowd went crazy. “Happy late Valentine’s Day!”

The session was cut short when several objects landed on the stage and Hilton was whisked away by security guards.

Lugner said the flying objects included cigarette packs, tissues and lipsticks.

The Austria Press Agency reported that sheets of paper that floated onto the stage were fliers from a communist youth organization.

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Something of a mild form of agitprop, nevertheless Hilton was visibly shaken as the guards took her off the stage. She later stated that it was "no big deal" but the story was covered fairly heavily in the media, with all the proper indignation of course.

Marx says in Capital Vol I that we must force "the frozen circumstances to dance by singing to them their own melody" (Marx, 1967, 253). This is precisely what the agitators did by throwing trash at the queen of trash.

I applaud the actions of the people, "communist youth" or not, who took the risk in order to open a breach in the unending ideological self-adulation of the elites. Paris Hilton is selling us a load of trash, its high time someone gave a bit of it back to her!

Paris Hilton photographs herself @ Austrian ball
its just too easy

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