Thursday, February 01, 2007

Venezuela Laws Pave Way for Implementation of Socialism

The "decree law" in Venezuela is a common theme in many governments, especially in Latin America. Indeed, in the USA President Bush has asked for similar powers to "fast-track" trade deals. In Venezuela the president has limited powers to implement certain types of laws. Chavez with the current round of laws will be able to consolidate the socialist revolution in Venezuela by implement laws which will curb or eliminate the power of the bourgeoisie.
Caracas, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) The popular approval of the "Ley Habilitante" in Venezuela, requested from congress by President Hugo Chavez, emerges on Thursday as a mechanism to encourage construction of a socialist project.

The National Assembly approved definitely at a session the request of essential powers presented by the president to accelerate transformations towards a new national model.

In the framework of the debate, executive vice president Jorge Rodriguez recalled that the mentioned rule is used to sow democracy, peace and socialism, instead of a dictatorship as some critics state.

This law is expected to last for 18 months as of its publication in the state newspaper, giving the president various faculties to approve decrees and rules with the range and force of law.

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