Saturday, April 23, 2005

Copy Left

The Creative Commons and Copy Left set has now been labelled as Communists by everyones' favorite capitalist, Billyboy Gates. Seems that Bill is feeling threatened by the growing surge of knowlege workers who are building tools, content and whatever else to share with their fellow man for mutual benefit. Certainly there is an element of capitialist struggle in all this - I'm certain that the bricks and mortar and finance capitalists would love nothing more than for the "soft-skills" to be devalued - a fiat of extracting surplus labour par excellance.

So Billy is the defender of the free working programmers and content developers of the world, protecting us from further wage degredation? I hope so! Of course the unionization (see this and this and this) history of Microsoft leaves one with doubts (he writes with a smirk).

Maybe these Creative Commons folks will begin to realize that Bill is in fact correct: because in fact their mission is in line with socialist (and anarchist for that matter) ideals. Read more on the copy left topic here and here.

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