Sunday, April 17, 2005

Well Attired Socialists Unite!

Secular Human over at "A Socialist World is Possible!" states the following:
"Marxism means not only keeping pace with the changes in reality and keeping in step with the people but also being and thinking ahead of the people. So we do not need the benign blessing of the media, or anyone else for that matter, to enter the 21st century and that too adorned in the fashionable attires chosen by congenital anti-communists."
Fashionable self-assured Socialists marching towards a better tomorrow - what could be better!? I shamelessly admit that I myself am something of a slave to fashion, or as Alphonse might say, a dandy. It is also entirely possible that I just misunderstood the last line of the above, but no matter, I shall detourn and use the text for my own enjoyable ends.

The entire post is here: A Spectre - IV

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