Monday, April 04, 2005

The Randi Rhodes Show on Air America Radio

OK, so I'm a convert. I've heard some Air America Radio shows in the past and they basically struck me as lamer versions of The Daily Show with John Stewart. This is not to say that I do not appreciate John and the gang and their crazy hijinx - but they are hardly the militant Left.

But lo and behold Randi Rhodes. This chick rocks the cashbah! Tonight I watched HBO's documentary "Left of the Dial" which is sort of a version of the Air America story. Very good stuff, and a lot of focus on Randi and her program aptly called "The Randi Rhodes Show."

In any case I encourage everyone to check her show out, and also watch the documentary if you can. It is also worth noting that Air America Radio is the fastest growing radio program network in the history of radio, capturing over 400,000 listeners in 1 month with basically one affilate (in NYC). After a little over 1 year, the station has over 53 affiliates and beats all the conservative shows in most major markets. Amazing? Maybe, but it shouldn't be.

Truely this shows that there are deep rifts in Capital right now. Otherwise this programming would not be allowed to exist. It serves the purpose of some segment of capital, a powerful segment that is at war with the neocon agenda, but be certain that it is NOT against neoliberal economics. It is interesting to note that Chuck D's show has recently been cancelled. I guess with over 50 affilates Air America doesn't need the black listeners anymore, at least not the radical ones.

So what am I saying? Listen to it for sure, but with a grain of salt. The nice thing about O'Reilly and that lot is you know where he is coming from but damn, it is bloody nice to hear someone on air saying stuff you agree with!

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