Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Christian Socialism

Revolutionary ChristChristian socialism has long been a topic of interest to me. I am very active in my church and diocese and was batised as an adult. Nevertheless, my class conciousness and understanding of historical forces that comes with that often come in conflict with the doctrines of organized religion, specifically the Christian church.

I was contacted today by a comrade in Oregon who runs the blog Willamette Reds. A series of posts on Christian socialism caught my eye, an excerpt of which follows:
There exists among the oppressed the task of making God exist. By this I mean that we share a faithfulness to the Gospels and to Tradition as well as a consciousness and means to use the Gospels and tradition in order to provoke and struggle for justice. In that struggle the matter of God is revealed as both ever-present and distant, as intimate as Father and Comrade and as distant Unknowable Other.

The only certain path to Theosis, individually or socially, is through this struggle. Other paths lead there, but none are as certain as the path of the loving struggle for justice. The matter of God is both Beginning and End, both Path and Destination. Constructing that path from a capitalist society forward is the task of making God exist.

Obviously this is not Marxist scientific socialism, but compelling nonetheless. I have to say "Amen brother! Throw the money changers out of the temple!"

I highly recommend visiting the Willamette Reds blog.

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