Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nepal Protests for Democracy Continue

Today tens of thousands of protestors continue to preasure the government in the cities of Nepal. Clashes between the protestors and the police are becoming increasingly violent as the security forces try to maintain the monarchies increasingly tenuous claim to rule the country. Pro-democracy groups and political parties including the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) continue to support the grassroots movement to remove the monarchy from power. To learn more about the conditions in Nepal and to understand the objectives of the CPN(M) a great place to start is with the ariticle published in Vol 57, No 6 of the Monthly Review, People's Power in Nepal by Parvati.

The AP reports:
Katmandu — Nepali police fired rubber bullets at thousands of protesters Sunday, struggling to enforce a curfew imposed to keep persistent pro-democracy demonstrators off the streets in the Himalayan country's deepening crisis.

The protesters were trying to reach the capital of Katmandu when police first fired tear gas, then rubber bullets, independent Kantipur television reported. Doctors at a hospital said they treated three people injured by rubber bullets.

Katmandu was under a daylong curfew for the fourth straight day. On Saturday, clashes between security forces and tens thousands of demonstrators left more than 200 people injured.


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