Monday, April 24, 2006

Let people power prevail in Nepal

And, from the Financial Times:
By Rhoderick Chalmers
Published: April 24 2006 19:58 | Last updated: April 24 2006 19:58

As the people of Nepal rose to signal their final loss of faith in King Gyanendra, the key international players at last achieved a long-awaited unity of purpose in their response to a situation that has been deteriorating for years. Unfortunately, however, they came together behind the wrong solution, trying to force an unworkable deal on an unwilling population.

India, China and the US, with the European Union in support, led a push to strong-arm Nepal's democratic leaders into accepting the king's hollow offer of handing over limited powers. But the outside world's reaction is too far behind events unfolding on the ground here in Nepal, where the Shah dynasty is now facing the end of its power and quite possibly its existence. The world must catch up with local popular sentiment if it is to stand any chance of guarding against a dangerously chaotic transition.

Reference: Let people power prevail in Nepal

Let it not be forgotten that the "people power" would not be possible without the Maoist revolution which plays a large part in shedding the superstitions (traditionally Nepal has regarded the monarch as a god-king) of the past which kept the Shah in power.

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