Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Democracy for Nepal Now!

Although the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) of Nepal urged an end to the general strike in response to King Gyanendra's decision to revive Parliament. The CPN(M) has correctly rejected an end to the protests, arguing that the concession does not address the 12-point agreement, does not restore democracy and does not establish a republic ruled by the people. Meanwhile, the capitalist press in India is mobilizing a media campaign which is likely to sanction the government of India providing additional financial and military support for the puppet king of Nepal.

Xinhua Online reports:
Issuing a press statement, chairman Prachanda and senior leader Babu Ram Bhattarai of the [CPM(M)] the Nepali King Gyanendra's proclamation on Monday and said blocked of the capital Kathmandu Valley and the district headquarters will continue till the new government will announce the election of Constitution Assembly.

The royal proclamation did not address people's slogans of "republic" and "constitutional assembly" in the street, the statement noted.

"The seven political parties who have welcomed and supported the royal proclamation, they objectively broke down the 12-point agreement with us and have breach of trust of the people's aspirations," the statement added.

Xinhua, 25-Apr-2006: Guerrillas to continue protest in Nepal

Recent comments from senior officials in the Indian government do not bode well for the stability of Nepal. Proclaimations about not allowing Nepal to be a "failed state" and public statements of support for the monarchy as "a pillar of the polity (of Nepal)" suggest that the ruling classes of India are ready to throw their support behind the murder king.

We stand in solidarity with the CPN(M) and the people of Nepal and call for an end to the monarchy forever, and for the establishment of the democratic rule of the people.

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