Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Powell: No Iraqi WMDs

Robert Scheer of The Nation reports:
"On Monday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told me that he and his department's top experts never believed that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat, but that the President followed the misleading advice of Vice President Dick Cheney and the CIA in making the claim. Now he tells us."

This data of course comes as no surpirse to anyone who takes a socialist analysis of imperialism. It has always been clear that this war and all wars are simply extensions of class war and are fought to further the economic and class interests of the capitalist class.

What is interesting is Powell making a public admission which exposes deep divisions among the American elites. It must be assumed that strong forces are working behind the scenes to bring about a "kinder, gentler" imperialism. This means that the neoconservative agenda is under serious attack. However the way they react to this challenge in the coming years could lead to serious instability in the United States and the world.

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