Friday, April 14, 2006

A for Anarchy

Also related to V For Vendetta, another post from
The website is intended to introduce fans of the film/graphic novel V For Vendetta to the history and philosophy of Anarchy. V For Vendetta was originally a comic produced in the mid 1980s by Alan Moore and David Lloyd about a man who destroys the corrupt state he lives in, promoting Anarchy to the masses all the while. This core message of Anarchy has been [twisted] in the film verison.
It is clear that the movie does indeed distort anarchism. Especially in the scene describing the run-up to November 5th which shows mass riots and violence on the part of the general population. Nevertheless, the movie does expose casual viewers to a cross section of ideas that they generally would not be aware of. The idea that a government would orchestrate a massive terrorist event on its own soil to scare the population into fascist compliance is particularly noteworthy.

I was also dissapointed that Evey did not vocalize what she came to realize was more important than her own life, which I believe was dignity.

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